well helloooo there fellow animal-sex tumblr! thank you for sharing some of the weirder instances of animal sex, including the rather traumatic flatworm penis fencing. dear reader, i suggest following animalswholoveanimals for an enhanced education.


Penis fencing is a mating behavior seen in certain species of flatworm, all of which are hermaphroditic, having both ovaries (which produce ova) and testicles (which produce sperm).

The flatworms “fence” with their penises, which are two-headed, pointed, and white. The “fencing” is a violent battle during which each flatworm attempts to pierce the skin of the other, to inseminate it. The sperm is absorbed through the skin, where it fertilizes the ova in the “loser,” who becomes the mother.

MoreFighting to Mate: Flatworm Penis Fencing

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